Bett MEA gives international recognition to Snapplify Foundation for inclusion in education

Dec 11, 2020 | Awards, Education, News

The Snapplify Foundation has won the 2020 Bett MEA Inclusion Award for its work providing digital content and e-learning tools to students who need these most.

Established earlier in 2020, the foundation has already made great strides in improving access to educational opportunities for thousands of students who might otherwise have been left behind, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, students who have benefited from access to key educational resources and e-reading software via the Snapplify Foundation have included 10 000 matric learners on iSchoolAfrica’s #MyFuture programme, students at TSIBA Business School, and the beneficiaries of StudyTrust (promoting equal education in South Africa by connecting talented yet financially needy students with bursaries).

Most recently, the Snapplify Foundation has begun work with iSchoolAfrica and Saray Khumalo on rolling out nine digital libraries across South Africa, and has partnered with school management platform d6 to uplift schools with products and services that they would not usually be able to afford.

‘At the Snapplify Foundation, we are fully committed to the notion of “Leave No One Behind”.  COVID-19 has shown us the crucial role that technology has to play in creating access to education, but has also highlighted how big the digital divide is and the challenges that need to be addressed to overcome this,’ said Head of the Snapplify Foundation, Debra Ogilvie-Roodt. ‘We are grateful to be working with partners who are as committed as we are to helping schools, teachers and students overcome these challenges and bridge this divide in a sustainable way.’


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