Partnering for success

We are committed to collaborating with partners across the ecosystem to ensure that we have the broadest impact possible.

Building a cohesive education ecosystem

We believe that a connected educational ecosystem is critical to the success of any education programme that seeks to increase access to education.  Snapplify Foundation will collaborate with partners to build new programmes and integrate into existing programmes so that we begin to create an environment where educators are empowered and learners thrive and we see measurable impact on social inclusion.  Whether it’s executing on grant funded programmes with development organisation, delivering on national or provincial government led interventions, building digital libraries packed with content for schools in disadvantaged communities, or e-book and device donations to youth centres, we believe we can be an invaluable partner in truly increasing access to quality education.

Having a measurable impact

We approach all our programmes with a view to ensuring their sustainability as we understand the affect that this has on ensuring a positive future for all our stakeholders.  We ensure there is a solid monitoring and evaluation framework established for each programmes so that we are able to measure and understand the impact of the programmes and report back on this to our stakeholders.   We understand the importance of the data we collect, the importance of protecting this data, but also how it can be used to increase and broaden our impact.

We work with the following organisations in a variety of ways to increase social inclusion:

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